Interactive Playground - Innovative and entertaining solution for your space

Interactive Playground

Innovative and entertaining solution for your space

What is Interactive Playground?

Interactive Playground is an augmented reality application designed to ignite children’s interest in physical activity while encouraging exploration of their surroundings. It elevates the appeal of your facility, offering fresh avenues for quality family time.

Entertainment, newfound knowledge, motivation, and sports – it’s all encapsulated in the Interactive Playground. The possibilities of use are unlimited.

Who is Interactive Playground designed for?

Interactive Playground is suitable for any space and type of facility. You can place it in: 

Nature trails
Shopping centres
Event venues

How does Interactive Playground work?

The playground operates through smartphone communication and designated transmission points (beacons) physically located on the playground and in the surrounding area. Users receive specific tasks, acquire new information, or play games based on their movement on the playground. With Interactive Playground, players might have to traverse the playground, climb to heights, or sprint to outpace others. 

Static option

For already existing physical playgrounds, we integrate beacons into their structure. If you have the space but no playground yet, worry not – we’re ready to design, manufacture, and build it to your specifications.

Portable Option

Our portable version of Interactive Playground comes as a versatile set that requires minimal space and allows you to set it up differently each time.

What you can do with Interactive Playground?

Create custom educational trails

Choose your topic and make your own game. With our user-friendly application, it’s a piece of cake.

Use hundreds of pre-set thematic questions

Save time — Interactive Playground has plenty of material for you ready for immediate use.

Make educational content in the form of games

Quizzes, workouts, memory games, treasure hunts, or educational trails – the possibilities are limitless.

Get a real-time overview of play and competition

Get instant results without the need for manual evaluation. The app will promptly show you how players performed, in a clear and concise leaderboard.

and much more!

How do different institutions use Interactive Playground?

Interactive playground caters to various institutions and spaces, offering flexibility for small areas and large public spaces alike.

Children’s playground, Český Krumlov

Easy installation makes it simple to place our solution even on existing playgrounds, taking them to a new level of entertainment. At this 24/7 open children’s playground in Český Krumlov, you can find a locomotive, playsets, and swings, which are now even more enjoyable thanks to the Interactive Playground. 

New workout playground, Prachatice

The playground in Prachatice features not only a children’s area equipped with slides, sand pits, and swings but also a fitness-oriented playground that complements activities within the Interactive Playground application. Integrating exercise with performance evaluation directly within the app fosters competitiveness among players and encourages physical activity, enabling them to compare their results with others. 

Other institutions using Interactive Playground

Interactive Playground caters to various institutions and spaces, offering flexibility for small areas and large public spaces alike.

Naučná stezka v Příbrami – iHřiště

Nature trail in Příbram

Nový Rybník in Příbram boasts a fantastic educational path thanks to Interactive Playground. Adjustable game content allows customization for any type of event, reducing costs compared to traditional informational signs. The long-term value also lies in the fact that the educational trail can continually evolve, as the Interactive Playground app introduces fresh updates and enhancements. 

Elementary school Běchovice, Prague

Installation in a school environment seamlessly integrates movement, learning, and competitiveness into the daily routines of both younger and older students. It offers both portable (relocatable pucks) and static solution (maintenance-free and vandal-resistant). 

Event | MKMA Event Agency

The portable set is ideal for events such as shopping centre activities, team-building events, or city festivals. MKMA event agency leverages the portable Interactive Playground set to create activities as part of event marketing for prominent clients in the B2B sector

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Frequently asked questions

How much space is needed for Interactive Playground?

Interactive playground is spatially flexible, requiring minimal space for efficient operation. It can be utilized both outdoors and indoors, with a recommended area of 15×15 meters.

What’s the cost of Interactive Playground?

The wholesale price for Interactive Playground is individual. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. The package includes training on proper usage, technical support for problem-solving, and access to administration for game creation and modification, along with marketing materials and videos. The cost covers the translation of the Interactive Playground into the language of your country. 

What’s the operating cost?

Interactive Playground doesn’t need to be connected to the internet or the electrical grid. The only thing you’ll need is to replace the batteries once every two years. So, maintenance expenses won’t exceed a few tens of euros over the years.

Curious to learn more about Interactive Playground? 

Let’s chat! With our extensive experience in implementing Interactive Playgrounds, we can customize them to meet your specific requirements. 

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